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Throwdowns | Everything You Need to Know

By December 1, 2018December 3rd, 2018Road To MN

Why throw down? More importantly, what is a Throwdown? While we’re at it, who’s it for?

All great questions. There’s a lot to unpack here. Let’s do it!

What on earth is a Throwdown?

We conceived of the Granite Games Throwdown as a venue for beginner-level or intermediate-level competitors to experience the heart-pumping excitement of competition in a safe and streamlined, yet small-scale setting. We recognize that taking the plunge to travel long distances and work out for 3 days is not the most accessible means of getting your feet wet in competition. Also, we know the comfort of a familiar environment, or at least one closer to home, can do a lot to soothe those competition jitters!

Tactically-speaking, a GGTD is a one-day, in-box competition for teams of 3 hosted by one of our affiliate partners across the nation or internationally. Teams will face 4 workout events over the course of the day (you can get a taste of January’s upcoming events here). Our group of host gyms continues to grow as we strive to make the Granite Games Throwdown experience accessible to all athletes, regardless of geographic location, so don’t despair if we don’t offer one in your area yet.

Who can throw down?

Excellent question. The January Throwdown is designed for athletes testing the fitness and competition waters, so we’ve level-set the workouts to Scaled and Intermediate for this round.

Scaled Athletes are those just getting started or who scale most movements in workouts.

(Not super sure you’re ready to tackle a competition? Read this!)

The question of who belongs in our Intermediate division can be a bit fuzzy, so here’s our take on it: if you’re a local competition Rx Athlete, our Intermediate division is right up your alley. Or, if you feel you have most of the skills and movements down, but still have some opportunities for improvement here and there, sign up as an Intermediate team.

Check out the movement breakdown for January’s Throwdown below.

Generally speaking, the GGTD is not for athletes who practice CrossFit as a semi-professional or professional sport. Basically, if you’re CrossFit Games-bound, you’re too big of a fish for this pond and we fully expect you to sign up to tackle the 2019 Granite Games Open and get yourself qualified for the June Championship!

You’re able to select your team, and this is one of the top perks of the Throwdown experience–working out with your best gym buddies! And, if you’re hyper-competitive, it may interest you to know that your team’s scores will also be added to our global leaderboard so you can see how you stack up against the Granite Games community on a worldwide level, without having to globe-trot!

Cool. But why should I throw down?

If you weren’t sold on the chance to throw down with your gym mates in a friendly, small-scale atmosphere, there’s a laundry list of other perks we haven’t even mentioned yet:

  • A free t-shirt for each teammate with registration
  • The title of Granite Games Athlete
  • Podium winners receive swag from their host gyms!
  • The chance to punch your ticket to the main event–the Granite Games Championship! The top 15 teams from each division on our global leaderboard will bypass the Granite Games Open, qualifying to compete onsite at the 2019 Championship in June.

Still not quite sure competing is for you? Give this blog a read-through. You may find we’re talking to you!!

What to do next…

We’ve done all the legwork to make finding a Granite Games Throwdown near you easier than assuming the dead bug position after a tough metcon. Simply tap the link here to find a rundown of January GGTD venues.

Don’t see one near you? Share this link on becoming a host with your gym owner! Subtlety never got anyone anywhere. 😉