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So you’ve been killing workouts at your local box for a while now, and you’ve got this healthy lifestyle thing down. Now you’re feeling as though you’re ready for the next step—competing. But how do you know when you’re truly ready? We’ve put together a list of tell-tale signs the time may be right to step it up a notch and take it to the next level: your first competition.

1. Physical Preparedness

You should be able to perform the foundational movements with consistently solid technique. Now, that’s not to say that you need to be doing every workout Rx. What we’re saying is that you should be able to move safely and at a relatively high intensity, whether that be in the Rx or Scaled division. Additionally, if you’re still unclear on the difference between a clean and a snatch, or cannot safely swing a kettlebell, you may not be ready just yet. If this is you, you may need to invest some more time into daily classes, soaking up cues and knowledge from your coaches, and then revisit the thought of competing. But, if you’re ready to put that hard-earned fitness to the test, read on.

2. Mindset

You’ve been hitting the daily workouts for a while now and love the thrill of pitting yourself against your fellow athletes for the best time or most reps on the whiteboard. You don’t shy away from the thought of a little healthy competition; to the contrary, it gets your blood pumping before the clock ever counts down 3-2-1-Go! When a workout is particularly grueling or nasty, you’ve dug down deep and found the mental grit to grind out a few more reps before the time cap. Mental grit and determination are important out there on the floor because in competition; not every WOD will be in your wheelhouse, nor will you be feeling fresh at the end of the day or weekend. In order to push through the suck, you’ll going to need to be able to go to that dark place.

3. You Hold Yourself to the Standards

You have a working knowledge of most CrossFit movements and hold yourself to the standards. Stepping out onto the arena floor can be a rude awakening if you’re not achieving full range of motion on your squats. With a judge counting reps for you, there’s no leeway for “close enough.” If you know that some of your wall balls aren’t quite clearing the mark on Karen, or clearance on those pull ups gets a little hairy at the end of Fran, now’s the time to practice holding yourself accountable to make every rep a good rep, so you’re prepared when you walk out onto the competition floor.

4. You’re Ready for a New Challenge

Daily classes are great and all, but lately you’ve been feeling as though you’re ready for the next level. If day-to-day workouts have you craving what comes next, that may be trying your hand at competition. That’s not to say you necessarily think you’re ready to take the podium; for most of us, gaining experience in a competitive situation with a crowd watching is valuable—and necessary—if you ever plan on placing in competition.

5. You Can’t Get Enough of this Awesome Community

You thrive on the energy and positivity of your local community. If you’re not the one cheering on your fellow athletes as they grind out their final reps, they’re returning the favor for you, and you can’t imagine how you ever worked out without them. Does this sound like you? If this is you, then you’ll love the thrill of stepping onto the arena floor and feeling that rush of support and solidarity amplified by hundred, even thousands of our extended community. Not only your fellow box mates, but kindred spirits from near and far will be watching, and cheering, as you leave it all on the competition floor.

So, how’d you fare? Do these signs point to you? Then the next step is to find a competition. The Granite Games offers a unique opportunity to step out onto the competition in one of our many divisions that fits your skill set best! 

Like the saying goes, “the only workout you regret is the one you didn’t do.”