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Coming Together – Team Momentum

By September 10, 2016September 11th, 2016Athlete Feature

GG: What brought you three together to form a competitive team?

Nicole: Our coach, Mike, who programs for Emma and myself, he wanted us to do a competitive team for the Granite Games. So, he brought both of us together. Emma lives in Long Island, and I live in New Jersey. So actually, we’d never met each other, but Mike brought us together. And Steph was referred by one of my friends to become our third teammate.

GG: So none of you guys are from the same box?

Nicole: No, and we never met before our first practice for the Granite Games.

GG: Do you think your experience as competitive college athletes benefitted you in your journey to compete in fitness competitions?

Steph: Absolutely. Being a competitive athlete in college gives you that team environment, and when we found each other and built this team for the Granite Games, I’d draw from my career in college athletics, and that competitive spirit keeps pushing each other and keeps working well within the team.

GG: What’s your favorite part about competing together?

Emma: Competing with these girls is amazing because we actually never work out together. Like Nicole said, I’m from Long Island, she’s from Jersey and Steph is from upstate, so to come together to compete means everything. And since we all have that athletic background of playing in sports, we tend to know how to pick each other up and carry on with what we have to work on next.