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Everyday Athletes – Team Metrowolf

By September 11, 2016September 13th, 2016Athlete Feature

Meet Team Metrowolf. This hardworking women’s AsRx Team of 3 also happens to be a trio of professionals outside the gym. Nicci and Johanna are physicians, and Laura is a marketing product manager and the owner of CrossFit South Metro. Yet they still find time to get together and have a blast at the Granite Games!

GG: We want to honor you for being our Everyday Athletes, those who go to work every day and bust their butts and yet still find it time to kick ass on and off the playing field. All of you are multi-time Granite Games athletes. What keeps you coming back?

ND: It’s a great competition. I think it’s a higher level of competition than any other in the area. There are good divisions, good events. It’s fun to compete with friends—the team division is the best!

LG: I would agree. I think the team brings me back every year. And also these events push you to a new level each year. There’s always something every year that you’re like, “I haven’t done that before, let’s see if I can do it.” It’s cool.

JM: Yeah, I’ve been looking forward to this all summer as well, hanging out with the team and tackling skills I don’t do often or at all.

GG: What’s been your favorite part on the first day?

ND: I like the legless rope climbs, just because I haven’t done them in an event before, so that was sort of a mental victory for me.

JM: I haven’t done dumbbell squat snatches before last week when I started practicing them, and then today, it just clicked. I was like, “Oh, I know how to do these now!”

GG: Haha! You wouldn’t know it. You were a monster out there. And what is the best part about working out together and competing as a team?

ND: I think I perform better when I’m on a team, because I don’t want to let anyone else down. It just brings things out of you that you wouldn’t otherwise do.

LG: I think it takes the pressure off of you as an individual, too, to some extent. You perform better, but you also have more fun as a team vs walking out there to just crush it. Although we want to do that, too!

JM: I always give my best, and I know these girls know that, so even if I have a bad first workout like I did today, these girls tell me, “Just stop. You did great!”