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Road to Minnesota Supply Co. T-Shirt Winners

By May 28, 2016June 9th, 2016Announcements, Road To MN

From now until the start of the qualifier we are giving away Road to Minnesota Supply Co. t-shirts to 1 male and 1 female athlete, once a day.

To be eligible, all you have to do is register for the Kill Cliff Granite Games Online Qualifier. If you’re already registered, you’re already eligible!

Check out what you can win here:


Friday, May 27th

Tom Vasile

Victoria Humphreys

Saturday, May 28th

Aaron Clark

Staci Meredith

Sunday, May 29th

Anthony Lee

Yazmin Lagos

Monday, May 30th

Weston Thormodson

Alicyn Fletcher

Tuesday, May 31st

Deven Lundquist

Marysa Popovic

Wednesday, June 1st

Kory Spear

Allyson Moore

Thursday, June 2nd

Gerry Paulson

Margaret Spenser

Friday, June 3rd

Maya Timbs

Patrick Gianelloni

Saturday, June 4th

Kevin Speakman

Sena Erickson

Sunday, June 5th

Tim Struck

Lynnel Jones

Monday, June 6th

Dan Van Duser

Nicole Spitzack

Tuesday, June 7th

Neil Reuter

Cathy Teel

Wednesday, June 8th

Greg Gulbranson

Amy Lea Owens

Thursday, June 9th

Alex Bookout

Tarrel Storey