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Which Qualifier Level Is Right For You?

By March 15, 2016March 31st, 2016Announcements, Road To MN

So, you’ve decided. You’re going to sign up for the Kill Cliff Granite Games Online Qualifier. Great! But which division is right for you? You’ve got plenty of options, so to give you a hand, we broke it all down.


First up, we’ve got the Individual ASRX Level. If your goal is to compete in the Pro or Community Team Divisions, you must register to do the Qualifier workouts as an Individual.

  • For more information on our Pro and Community Team Divisions, check out How to Choose Your Division for the 2015 Kill Cliff Granite Games.

What if you’re here to support your community and aren’t planning on making a bid for the Granite Games? You may still be up for the challenge of Individual standards.

  • If you have a solid fitness foundation and can usually be found Rx’ing your gym’s workouts, challenge yourself to tackle the Rx-level Qualifier WODs!

You may surprise yourself!


This division’s pretty clear-cut. If you’re a 35+ athlete, we’ve got 5 age brackets to pick from so you can match yourself against your fitness peers.

  • Age cut-offs are based on the athlete’s age at 11:59 PM on September 1, 2016. Brackets run from 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, and 55+.

Whether your goal is to step out under the lights this September (in which case the Masters Qualifier is mandatory), or just to get in a few great workouts and see how you stack up against your peers in a bit of healthy and fun competition, the Masters Division is a great fit.

To qualify as a Masters competitor at the 2016 Granite Games you must complete the Online Qualifier at this level.


If you’ve got a competitive spirit but aren’t yet Rx’ing most of your workouts, this is your outlet to spread your wings!

  • It’s also the perfect division if you’re still working on your fitness and want to get involved to support your community and maybe get a little taste of competition.

You’ll have to complete the Scaled Workouts for participation in the Team of 3 Scaled Division.


New in 2016, we’re excited to bring you our Teen Division!

  • Young fitness fans between the ages of 14-18 now have a place to test themselves against other up-and-coming Athletes, or simply test their own limits.

If you’re a teen looking to compete in our Teen Division at this year’s Kill Cliff Granite Games, you must enter to compete in this Qualifier level.

So there they are! Four levels to suit whatever your goal is in registering for the Qualifier:

  1. Individual AsRx
  2. Masters
  3. Scaled
  4. Teen

So pick your match, get your name in for some sweet weekly drawings, and start training for four weeks of fun!