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If you’ve been paying attention, you already know the Pro Division at the 2015 Kill Cliff Granite Games Presented by Reebok comes with a twist this year. If you haven’t been paying attention, well… We forgive you. To catch you up, here’s what’s going down.

Our Pro Division Athletes will be doing what they do best on Friday and Saturday, September 11-12, killing WODs and taking names. But on Sunday, we decided to up the ante. This year, Pro Athletes will be able to call in reinforcements. We’re talking about our Pro Team Division, brand new to the Granite Games in 2015. After two days of individual competition, the final day of competition will give these Athletes the chance to get in on the fun and camaraderie of team competition by bringing in their favorite teammates and workout buddies to form co-ed super teams.

We’re talking about the biggest names in fitness on the planet, working together to take top honors. The only stipulation for this invite-only division is that at least two team members have competed in the Pro Individual Division on days 1 & 2 of competition. 

We know you’re as anxious as we are to see the ringers Pro Athletes are calling in to help them vie for top honors in the Pro Team Division. We just got a taste of what this division has in store with the release of some truly incredible line-ups. Check this out: Team Kill Cliff’s line-up—are you ready for this? Jared Stevens, Brooke Ence, Cole Sager and Annie Thorisdottir. Team Mayhem OC3 (yes, as in CrossFit Mayhem) is bringing Mekenzie Riley, Joe Piersanti, Dre Strohm and Kristin Reffett to the fray. And Team PRGNX is no joke either: Jordan Cook, Nicole Holcomb, Garret Fisher and Sam Briggs (our 2014 Granite Games champ and the 2013 Fittest Woman on Earth). Oh, and let’s not forget about Team Nation, which is chock-full of that Icelandic magic: Blaine McConnell, Craig Kenney, Sara Sigmundsdottir and Bjork Odinsdottir. Maybe they’ll tell us what they’re putting in the water in their homeland; we’d love to get our hands on whatever it is! 

It’s going to be a clash of the Titans at the Granite Games this year. Can you imagine being in the stands as these Athletes band together in a bid for the podium? Guaranteed, we’ve got an incredible show in store for you!

Stay tuned, we’ll be sending out updates and more epic Pro Team rosters soon! For a full list of all the featured athletes simply follow the link: