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Fit Family – Lon & Cory Allen

By September 10, 2016Athlete Feature

We just love it when fitness becomes a family affair. Lon and Cory Allen are both here to crush it at the Granite Games this year, Lon in the Masters 45-49 division, Cory in the Community Team division. They make each other better daily, each pushing the other to be better. Read more about this awesome father & son duo!

GG: It’s so cool to see some of these fit family stories come out of the woodwork. It seemed like you guys have such a great connection. We’re wondering how having each other on this fitness  journey has helped you both get to where you are today, competing against your peers at such a high level?

Lon Allen: For me, I think he drives me. As I get older, obviously it’s harder for me to stay ahead of him, but I try. There’s still some things where I can get ahead of him, but for the most part, he’s pretty much got me now on most of the workouts that we do. He pushes me hard, especially when we work out together. We work out at the same gym, so we see each other all the time, which is really great for me.

Cory Allen: For me, it’s always been just having a role model, he’s always been mine through everything. Through sports growing up, he was always a great athlete. I learned from that, from playing football and baseball, and after I got done with that, I really didn’t have something to look into. After he got into CrossFit, he got me into it and it was just kinda stepping back into that role of having a role model in there to work out with. Being at the same gym and training together at the same time every day, it’s a good push knowing I’m going through something I’ve already seen him do.

GG: I love that. So it sounds like you guys have always been close, but do you think that working out together has enriched your relationship as father and son?

CA: Yeah, for sure. You can talk to any CrossFitter, going through painful workouts and stuff like that just brings people today, and that’s so great. But going through it with your dad is just so special. We were able to do the Open together, and now getting to be here and compete together, at the biggest stage I’ve ever been on besides Regionals, being there with him is a big deal. There’s nothing else I’d rather do.

LA: For people to come up to me who have younger children and tell me, “It’s just so amazing to watch you and your son work out, I hope my son can do that with me some day,” that’s just so great to hear.

GG: So you mentioned trying to keep up with your son in workouts, Lon. Do the two of you have a bit of friendly rivalry to see who comes out ahead in certain workouts?

CA: Always! I hate losing to him. I don’t like losing to anybody, but I really don’t like losing to him. So yeah, there’s definitely that push not to lose to the old man.

GG: So last question: What workouts are you guys most looking forward to this weekend?

LA: For me, I’m dealing with an injury, so I’m just hoping to make it through the whole weekend and get through the workouts this weekend. Success for would be to get through the end of Sunday. If I can do that, I will be really happy.

CA: I’m looking forward to the clean & jerk, the squat clean & jerk ladder will be fun. The stadium is going to be fun too, being on a big field like that, that’ll be fun to do the run and the sled push. I’m looking forward to it.