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KCGG Individual & Community Team Qualifier – Week 2 Recap

We doled out a double serving of Qualifier goodness in week two of the Kill Cliff Granite Games Online Qualifier—two very different workouts designed to test you in very different ways. Workout #2 proved to be as diabolical as its rep scheme (6-6-6), with the only strategy being to go all out and rack up those reps. For 6 minutes, athletes hammered away at a quick couplet of 6 dead lifts and 6 bar-facing burpees that felt anything but quick. Who knew so much pain could be crammed into so short a span of time?

All in all, athletes hoisted an unbelievable amount of weight in pursuit of the Road to Minnesota… And that’s not even mentioning Workout #3.

Workout #3 took a different direction, leaving the simplicity of Workout #2 behind in favor of something we’ve never done before in the Qualifier – a workout for time. Where Workout #2 required strength and conditioning, Workout #3 was all about skill. Featuring two movements we all either love or love to hate—overhead squats and T2B, athletes had to earn the right to continue on with each 4-minute segment. The premise was simple: complete your work and add 4 more minutes to the clock until you hit minute 16. If you didn’t complete the required reps, you did not pass go, you did not collect $200 (or you just set the bar down and cheered on your fellow athletes). As the reps decreased, the weights increased, making each successive timecap all the more challenging.

Here are a few of your current leaders on the board after our first three workouts:


  • Brendan Willis / Jake Marconi / Dylan Martin / Sam Dancer / Michael Ruggeri
  • Chantelle Loehner / Kelley Jackson /Carolyne Prevost / Analisa Marquez / Brooke Haas


  • The Juice Athlete Compound / Eggology / Invictus Athlete / OPEX / JAKTRX Red