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KCGG Individual & Community Team Qualifier – Week 1 Recap

It’s that time of year again—time to find out who will travel the Road to Minnesota all the way to St Cloud for the 2017 Kill Cliff Granite Games, where we’ve got some brand new challenges and surprises for those who believe that anything worthwhile is earned, not given. Ready or not, on June 7th we dove headfirst into week one of the Kill Cliff Granite Games Online Qualifier. There was no easing in to these four weeks as you took up the challenge of a 12 min AMRAP of 10 hang squat cleans, 10 alternating front rack reverse lunges and 20 C2B pull ups/jumping pull ups. This one got spicy real fast (those reverse lunges took no prisoners!) and left more than a few of us with bambi legs.

This year, a whopping 5,587 individual athletes and 323 Communities signed on to test their mettle in the Online Qualifier. If you’re at the top of your bracket with that amount of competition, we think you deserve a shout out! Check out some of the top performers for week one, athletes who most definitely know how to kill the quit:


  • Brendan Willis / Scott Cottrill / Michael Ruggeri / Jake Marconi / Nicholas Faccidomo
  • Kelly Jackson / Maddy Myers / Sarah Loogman / Carolyn Prevost / Hester Lowe



  • The Juice Athlete Compound / Invictus Athlete / Eggology / Team Kill Cliff / OPEX