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How To Compete On A Team | 2019 Granite Games Championship

By April 4, 2019April 24th, 2019Road To MN

Even if your goal is compete on a Team at the 2019 Granite Games Championship, your first step was to register then participate in the Granite Games Open.

Now that the Open has finished, you’ll have the opportunity to create either a same-gender Team of 3 or a co-ed Team of 4 on April 24th at 8pm CT.

Every athlete who competed in the Open will receive a unique link via email to submit a Team of 3 and a Team of 4. You have the option to submit a Team of 3, a Team of 4, or neither.

See the Team submission schedule HERE.

So, what are the major differences?

A Co-Ed Team of 4 is a 4-person team (2 females, 2 males). Team rosters must consists of a minimum of 4 Athletes (2 females, 2 males) and a maximum of 6 Athletes (3 females, 3 males).

Athletes must have signed up for the Granite Games Open and completed the workouts as Individuals.

Teams of 4  will be ranked based on their team score, which will be the aggregate of the top two (2) male and top two (2) female scores posted by team members on the leaderboard.

The top 35 Teams of 4 during the Granite Games Open will qualify to compete onsite at the Granite Games Championship. The winning Team at the Granite Games Championship will receive an invite to compete at the CrossFit Games.

Teams of 3 are same-gender teams in various divisions (AsRx+, AsRx, Intermediate, Scaled). Athletes competing on a Team of 3 will also be required to have completed the Granite Games Open as Individuals.

Now that the two weeks of the Open are done, athletes will combine their individual scores to create a team score for ranking. The team score will be the sum of the athletes’ ranks.

All Teams of 3 will be ranked on the same leaderboard (per gender) and the top 40 Teams will qualify for the AsRx+ division, the next 40 Teams will qualify for the AsRx division, and the next 60 will qualify for the Intermediate division.

All Intermediate spots that are not filled during the ranking stage will be filled during the open registration period – which is only available to athletes who competed during the GG Open.

All Scaled divisions spots will be filled during the open registration period as well.

See the open registration period schedule HERE.

For check in details and competition days click HERE.