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Sara Sigmundsdottir has proven herself to be an unstoppable force in the fitness world over the past few years. We were thrilled to have her with us at the 2015 Granite Games, and recently caught up with Sara to chat about her 1st place win, how she got started and what keeps her going. Check it out!

Sara, you’ve grown so much and so fast in this sport and it has been so fun to witness. What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned from competing?

Just that believing yourself is the most important thing. Never doubt yourself.

I think that’s good advice for all of us. You had a fantastic 2016 Open, and watching you and Katrin go head-to-head on 16.4 was incredible. Were you excited about that workout, did it play to your strengths?

I LOVE chippers!! So I was very happy with that workout, and I thought I would go all out in that announcement, then do it again and try to do break a world record. But unfortunately, I was 2 wall balls away from it!! So… next year.

That’s still an amazing score! Shifting gears a little, how did you first find CrossFit?

I actually competed in a competition accidentally and wound up in second place!

I’ve read that you didn’t have much for an athletic background prior to CrossFit, having tried several sports growing up, but that none held your attention. What was different about CrossFit that caught your attention and held it?

Simply that you have to be good in EVERYTHING, not just one thing.

That’s so true. It does wonders for my workout ADD as well. But where do you find the motivation to do everything it takes to compete at this level?

For me, I just think about the feeling I get when I surprise myself by reaching the goals I’ve set.

Can you tell us how you prep in the last days before a competition?

Eat enough, drink enough water, try to think that the competition is just a training session!

It was so very cool to watch you dominate the weekend and take the top of the podium at the 2015 Granite Games. What event was the most fun for you?

It’s hard to choose! They were all so much fun, I loved the first one [Doubles & Squats] and the triathlon, and of course the last one [Stubby] was my favorite because of the muscle ups!

It was definitely a great weekend for you! Just one more question… What’s the one thing you’d want to tell athletes just getting started in this sport who hope to one day compete?

NEVER EVER GIVE UP THE HARD WORK!! It is all worth it in the end. And, never ever doubt yourself!