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Athlete Feature: Emma Cary

Emma Cary is no stranger to the Granite Games, having competed in 2018 onward in the Elite Women’s division. What makes that remarkable is she was only 14 when she first took on the Pros, while other girls her age were contending in the 14-15 and 16-18 teen divisions.

Just a few moments of speaking with this young CrossFit phenom makes clear that Emma thrives under pressure. Opting out of the age group online qualifier to make her way back to Madison in the 16-17 division, Emma decided, “I qualify elite at the Granite Games or I don’t qualify.” Emma is quick to admit this was a hard decision to make but is confident it was the right one. “I knew the more pressure I could put on myself, the better. I decided I wanted to go big, I wanted this to be a season that really reflected my true potential.”

They say your dreams should be so big that they scare you! Emma hammered her weak point, strength, in training, and showed the CrossFit world it was no longer a weakness by pulling a 200lb snatch in event one (at 17!!). She’s also been honing her mindset to be able to give her best to every single thing she does, recognizing that leveraging and mastering stress to give herself a very dangerous competitive advantage. “I hope it’s hard, I hope it’s hot. I hope it’s really uncomfortable because all of those things are good for me.”

And the payoff? A ticket to Madison! Emma locked in a 3rd place finish overall and will be stepping out on the big stage this summer at the 2021 NoBull CrossFit Games!