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[+ Prizes] 7 Quick Reasons Why You Should Build A Community

By March 15, 2017April 26th, 2017Announcements, Road To MN

What is a Granite Games Community?

Anyone can be a Granite Games Community Leader. Communities can consist of a gym, group of two or more gyms, a fitness brand or simply a competitive group of friends. You don’t even have to work out at the same gym! Each Community is granted the opportunity to qualify one Community Team for the 2017 Kill Cliff Granite Games Community Team Division.

What are some benefits of setting up a Granite Games Community?

  • Opportunity to qualify your Community for a team in the Community Team division and compete in the 2017 Kill Cliff Granite Games.
  • Opportunities to win prizes as a Community owner.
  • Opportunities to win your Community members awesome prizes from some of our event sponsors. Last year, over 500 athletes won a prize just for participating.
  • We provide you with the promotional tools to help make your Community a success and have fun doing it along the way!

Reason #1 – Qualifying a Community Team

Only by creating a Kill Cliff Granite Games Community will you be able to qualify a team of athletes for our Community Team Division. Help your athletes showcase their talent at the 2017 Granite Games, with the backing of your entire Granite Games Community to boot. The scores of the top two males and two females who participate AsRx in the Individual & Community Team Online Qualifier and register under your Community will contribute toward your Community Score. After the 3 weeks of Qualifier workouts, the top teams are invited to represent their Communities in the Community Team Division.

Reason #2 – Weekly Prizes

When your Community registers at least 10 athletes for the Qualifier, you’re instantly eligible to win some kickass prizes. And this isn’t about top teams and scores. Anyone can win, and we’re giving away not just one, but multiple prizes weekly. This year’s line-up includes Kill Cliff, Active Life Rx, Nike, Assault Bike, Compex, Concept2, and Rogue Fitness!

Reason #3 – Individual Prizes

Members will love you for it, all they need to do is get on your roster. Each week of the Kill Cliff Granite Games Online Qualifier, we’re giving away hundreds of prizes at random. AT RANDOM. Your athletes merely need to register as part of your Community and they’re eligible to win any of hundreds of awesome goodies during the Qualifier.

Reason #4 – Get Members Buzzing

Create excitement amongst your membership with 3 weeks of friendly competition. Go all out and make it a Friday Night Lights spectacle. Members will be breaking down their best WOD strategy all week long with their lifting buddies and swapping war stories once it’s over.

Got a couple members on the fence? Send them this link…

Why You Should Compete at Least Once

Reason #5 – Build Camaraderie & Community Spirit

Nothing creates raving fans quite like a team-building event such as the Kill Cliff Granite Games. Members will be cheering each other on, first through the Qualifier and then through the Kill Cliff Granite Games themselves.

Remember, your Community doesn’t have to be composed of only beast-mode Athletes. Each Athlete will have the option to compete the workout in the AsRx or Scaled level.

Reason #6 – Purse

By building your Kill Cliff Granite Games Community and qualifying a Community Team to compete this September, your team has an opportunity to win up to $20,000 in prize money! How can you afford not to put your Community’s name in the hat with stakes this high?


1st – $20,000
2nd – $12,000
3rd – $8,000

Reason #7 – The Community Cup

If your Community advances on to the Kill Cliff Granite Games, you not only compete for some cold hard cash but a chance to etch your Community into Kill Cliff Granite Games History by winning the Community Cup.

2016 Top 3 Teams

1st Place: Powered by Origin Meals

Andrew Nisler
Kelly Wild
Addison Bain
Joey Tortora

2nd Place: Midwest Exercisers

Jack Long
Duke Burk
Madison Freeman
Taylor Williamson

3rd Place: JAKTRX Red

Sacha Adkins
Brandon Crump
Laura Hosier
Chris Cristini