volunteer departments

In 2017, 667 applied for volunteer positions, and it took 764 of them to fill up all available shifts. Individuals volunteers across multi departments came together to pull off the 3-day competition hosting over 2,100 athletes.

In 2018, we continued to grow, adding a 4th day of competition and approximately 3,000 more athletes (with the addition of our Saturday Granite Games Run).

Volunteer dates range from
Tuesday, May 28th – Sunday, June 2nd.


What doesn’t the Crew do? This team is versatility bottled, handling a wide array of tasks to support our Athletes, spectators and fellow crew members. Behind the scenes, right next to the action… Everywhere you look, there’s a Crew shirt.


Got your CrossFit Judges’ Certification? Love counting reps and wearing your best judgey face when folks work out? Perfect! Check “Judge” as your first preference in your application.


Are you a nurse, doctor, first responder, sport practitioner, etc.? We think you’d look great in that red Medical shirt.

Weekday Warrior

Looking to help but unable to commit to the weekend shift? We need you during the week to prep for the big event! As a Weekday Warrior, you’re responsible for set-up and take-down of competition equipment and the arena floor. Shifts are available pre- mid- and post-event. Remember to lift with your knees and rock your hard hat, there’s some heavy lifting involved.

Rogue Crew

If you operate heavy machinery, work with power tools and rock a hard hat on the reg, we salute your skills and most definitely want to talk to you! This crew handles set-up and take-down of the competition equipment and arena floor. Heavy lifting and moving large equipment comes with the gig.

Ready to get onboard and join the best crew there is?