Once an Online Community has been established, Community Leaders can invite any athletes to register under their Community name when registering for the Online Qualifier.

To see which athletes are registered under your Community, click here:


All payments are final. No refunds or transfers will be permitted, regardless of reason (injury, illness, change in work schedule, deployment, pregnancy, etc.). Athletes in the Team of 3 Division may substitute an athlete for a fee of $50. The substitution did not have to complete the Online Team of 3 Qualifier.

  • Individual Team Online Qualifier – US $25 per athlete
  • Community Team Online Qualifier – US $20 per Community
  • Team of Three Online Qualifier – US $75 per team
  • Kill Cliff Granite Games Individual – US $225
  • Kill Cliff Granite Games Community Team – US $800
  • Kill Cliff Granite Game Team of 3 – US $600


There are seven divisions for individual competitors and six divisions for Teams.
There are no other recognized divisions beyond those listed below:

  • The Teen Division Ages 14-18: Athlete age qualification will be based on age at 11:59pm 9/1/17
  • The Masters 35+ Division: Athlete age qualification will be based on age at 11:59pm 9/1/17
  • The Masters 40+ Division: Athlete age qualification will be based on age at 11:59pm 9/1/17
  • The Masters 45+ Division: Athlete age qualification will be based on age at 11:59pm 9/1/17
  • The Masters 50+ Division: Athlete age qualification will be based on age at 11:59pm 9/1/17
  • The Masters 55+ Division: Athlete age qualification will be based on age at 11:59pm 9/1/17
  • Community Team Division: Co-ed team of 2 women and 2 men
  • Pro Division Teams of 3 – Same gender
  • ASRX Division Teams of 3 – Same gender
  • Intermediate Division Teams of 3-Same gender
  • Scaled Division Teams of 3-Same gender
  • Masters 35+ Teams of 3 – Same gender: Athlete age qualification will be based on age at 11:59pm 9/1/17

To view your community roster, you must first login:

Then, go to your community and click the icon on the very far right as shown below:

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Community Leaders – Why Build a Community?

A Kill Cliff Granite Games Community, that is. Why does it matter whether you get your entire membership behind you? We’ve got a few excellent reasons:

Qualifying a Community Team

Only by creating a Kill Cliff Granite Games Community will you be able to qualify a team of athletes for our Community Team division. Help your athletes showcase their talent at the 2017 Granite Games, with the backing of your entire Granite Games Community to boot. The top 2 female and 2 males scores who participate AsRx in the Individual Online Qualifier and register under your Community will contribute toward your Community Score. After the 3 weeks of Qualifier workouts, the top 60 teams are invited to represent their Communities in the Community Team division.

Weekly prizes

For Communities who register at least 10+ athletes under their Community for the Qualifier, you instantly win some kickass prizes. This isn’t about top teams and scores. Anyone can win, and we’re giving away not just one, but multiple prizes weekly.

Individual prizes

Members will love you for it, all they need to do is get on your roster. Each week of the Granite Games Online Qualifier, we’re giving away tons of prizes at random. AT RANDOM. Your athletes merely need to register, and they’re eligible to win any of hundreds of awesome possibilities during the Qualifier.

Get members buzzing

Create excitement amongst your membership with three weeks of friendly competition. Go all out and make it a Friday Night Lights spectacle. Members will be talking about their WOD strategy all week long, and swapping their war stories once it’s over.

Build camaraderie and community spirit

Nothing creates raving fans like a team building event like the Kill Cliff Granite Games. Members will be cheering each other on, first through the Online Qualifier and then through the Kill Cliff Granite Games themselves.



Important to Note

  • An athlete will not be able to change Communities after June 7th at 6:59 PM CST, 2017.
  • Athlete Individual athlete registration closes on on June 12th at 4:59pm CDT.

Community Registration Process

  • Online Community Registration opens April 12, 2017
  • Any person is eligible to be a Leader and create an Online Community for The Granite Games.
  • To create an Online Community for The Granite Games, Leaders will go to and complete an online registration form, including the following information Community Name, Community Website, Community Leader First Name, Community Leader Last Name, Address, Logo, Phone Number, Email address.
  • An Online Community can consist of an affiliate / gym, two or more affiliates / gyms, fitness brand, or competitive group of friends.
  • Once an Online Community has been established, Community Leaders can invite any athletes to register under their Community name when registering for the Online Qualifier.
  • All Online Communities will receive:
    • Opportunity to qualify your Community Team to compete in the 2017 Granite Games
    • If your community has 10 or more athletes registered under your community you will be eligible for community prizes.
    • Promotional tools to help Team Leader’s build their Community
  • Community Benefits for Athletes registering to compete in the 2017 Granite Games will also include them to be eligible for weekly qualifier prizes as well.
  • An athlete will not be able to change Communities after June 7th at 6:59 PM CST, 2017.

Community Team

  • The following Community placeholders of the Online Qualifier will receive an invite to bring a team to compete in the 2016 Granite Games (*registration fees apply):
    • Top 60 Communities
      • Community Scores are comprised of the Top 2 Men’s / Top 2 Women’s scores from the Online Qualifier workouts
      • Athletes’ scores from Masters and Scaled division will not be used towards a Community Team’s score.
    • Community Leaders may choose any athletes listed on their Community Roster during the Qualifier to compete on their Community Team at the Granite Games.
    • Community Teams are comprised of two male and two female athletes that must be a part of your Community roster.
    • Community Leaders will have 48 hours to accept or decline the invitation for their team to compete at the Granite Games. Team rosters are due July 10th, 2017 at 7 pm CST, including the athletes contact and apparel sizing information. Roster changes can be made up until September 7th, 2017 at 7 pm
      CST, however there is no guarantee that apparel sizes will be available for the newly registered athlete.
    • Athletes competing on a Community Team should not be registered for any other competitive division for the onsite competition.

Individual Qualifier Info:

The following Online Qualifier placeholders will receive an invite to compete as an individual in the 2017 Granite Games (*registration fees apply):

  • Top 30 Men / Top 30 Women Pro Individual Division
  • Teens (14-18) – 15 Boys / 15 Girls
  • Masters 35+ – 15 Men / 15 Women
  • Masters 40+ – 15 Men / 15 Women
  • Masters 45+ – 15 Men / 15 Women
  • Masters 50+ – 15 Men / 15 Women
  • Masters 55+ – 15 Men / 15 Women

Recruit your athletes with these pre-written emails!

45 days out– 5 Signs You’re Ready for Your First Fitness Competition

Hey [NAME],

[COMMUNITY NAME] just created our Granite Games Community for the 2017 season, and we need your help! The Granite Games Online Qualifier kicks off June 7th, and we need you to represent our awesome community!

Why sign up? You mean, aside from the chance to do awesome workouts with your friends and family? By joining our Online Community, you’re helping us win some really awesome improvements for our facility AND qualify a Community Team for the 2017 Granite Games.

Hey, you may even be considering competing yourself this year. If you’re on the fence and aren’t sure you’re ready for a competition, check out this list, [5 SIGNS YOU’RE READY FOR YOUR FIRST FITNESS COMPETITION].

Follow this [LINK] to the Granite Games and sign up to help your community crush the Online Qualifier!

35 days out– What’s New in 2017?

Hey [NAME],

Have you joined our Kill Cliff Granite Games Community yet? We’re counting on you to help us represent what [COMMUNITY NAME] is made of in the Online Qualifier. But you have to hurry, because time is running out—the Qualifier starts up on June 7th.

There’s a couple new things in store for this year’s Qualifier and the Granite Games. One that we’re super excited about is the Team of 3 Division. With Pro, AsRx, Intermediate and Scaled levels, this division makes it possible for athletes of all skill levels to compete and have a blast doing it, because guess what? You get to step out onto the arena floor with 2 of your best lifting buddies alongside you! All the fun of competition, without that nerve-wracking feeling of going it alone!

Check out all the changes for the 2017 season [HERE]. And while you’re there, be sure to sign up and support our community!

28 days out– Qualifier Weekly Prizes – Individual & Community

Hey [NAME],

We’re getting pumped for the 2017 Kill Cliff Granite Games Online Qualifier (it’s just 4 weeks away!), and we think you will be, too. Because this year, our Community has the chance to win prizes all weeks of competition!

You’re probably thinking, sure, there are prizes for the top scores each week. But actually, this is anyone’s game! The only requirement is participation—winners will be selected at random, regardless of their standing or their division.

Some of the great giveaways up for grabs are from 2POOD, Rock Tape, and JumpNrope. And we’re also super pumped for the community giveaways—we’re itching to get our hands on the brand new Concept 2 Rowers and Assault Air Bikes! If you haven’t yet, don’t forget to register at [LINK] today!

21 days out– What if I don’t want to compete at the Granite Games?

Hey [NAME],

We’re 3 weeks out from the kick-off of the Online Qualifier on June 7th. Have you registered as a member of [COMMUNITY NAME] yet?

If you haven’t, why? If you’re holding back because you’re just not interested in competing at the Granite Games this fall, don’t! There are so many reasons beyond making a bid for the podium. Yeah right, like what, right?

Well, for one thing, aren’t you the least bit curious how you rank amongst your peers OUTSIDE of our gym? The Qualifier is a great measure of where you fall on the spectrum.

Second, like we mentioned last week, there are some kick-ass prizes to be won just for competing. No winning required! 

And lastly, these 3 weeks are going to be a blast, and it just wouldn’t be the same without you. So go to [LINK] right now and join us!

14 – Still on the fence?

Hey [NAME],

Are you still on the fence about the Granite Games Online Qualifier? We’re two weeks out from the first WOD announcement on June 7th, and we’re really hoping you’ll be there tackling these workouts alongside the rest of [COMMUNITY NAME].

We’re so excited to see everybody face the Qualifier head on, because this community of ours is second to none and we can’t wait to show the world! Please help us represent [COMMUNITY NAME] by signing up to compete in the Online Qualifier today. Just go to [LINK] to get started, and be sure to join our community! 

10 days out – Ten Days Out

Hey [NAME],

Our Community roster is beginning to looking real solid for the Online Qualifier, and we’re super excited to tackle the upcoming weeks of workouts with everyone—have you signed up yet? The Qualifier kicks off June 7th!

Remember that this year, they’re giving out awesome community prizes each week. We’re talking $1,000 Rogue Fitness gift cards, Concept2 Rowers, and Nike Metcons just to name a few. Help out your community so we can all win some really kickass swag. If you think about it, what have you got to lose? You know what they say… “The only workout you will ever regret is the one you didn’t do.”

So let’s do this thing. Visit [LINK] and add yourself to [COMMUNITY NAME]’s roster today!

7 days out– One Week Out

Hey [NAME],

We’re exactly one week out from the start of the Online Qualifier on June 7th. If you’re not totally pumped for the next 3 weeks, you should be! We can’t wait to cheer this community on as it faces down these WODs. Will you be there with us?

If you haven’t yet, here’s how to get onboard: simply go to [LINK] and register under [COMMUNITY NAME]. Don’t miss out!

5 days out– 5 Days Out

Hey [NAME],

Wow, the Online Qualifier is nearly here, can you believe it? It kicks off June 7th and we’re less than a week away from the first WOD announcement. We’re counting on you to help us through 3 weeks of workouts—have you joined our roster yet? If you haven’t, don’t panic, there’s still time. Just go to [LINK] and register under [COMMUNITY NAME]. Then get ready, because this is going to be a blast!

3 days out – 3 Days Out

Hey [NAME],

Tick tock! We’re getting down to the wire now. We hope you’re as excited for the Online Qualifier as we are. Remember that everything kicks off June 7th with the announcement of the first workout, and we’re looking to this amazing community to represent what [COMMUNITY NAME] is all about.

Registration is still open, just go to [LINK] and add yourself to our community roster!

2 days out – 2 Days Out

Hey [NAME],

Here at [COMMUNITY NAME], we’re blessed to have a truly fantastic bunch of people. Many of your friends and family will be tackling the Granite Games Online Qualifier, the first step toward competing at the 2017 Kill Cliff Granite Games, which starts this Wednesday, June 7th, with the announcement of WOD #1. We’re hoping you’ll be there too, cheering them on and showing everyone just what this community is made of. And of course, we’re hoping you’re signed up, too.

If you’re not, don’t wait another minute! There are multiple levels of competition in the Qualifier, AsRx, Masters, Teen, and Scaled, and weekly prizes just for participating. All you need to do is visit [LINK] and add yourself to our community roster under [COMMUNITY NAME].

1 day out– 1 Day Out

Hey [NAME],

Tomorrow, we’ll find out what the first of this year’s workouts will be to determine who advances on to the 2017 Kill Cliff Granite Games. Whatever they’ve cooked up for us, we’ll face it together and have a blast doing it! We’re counting on everyone to represent [COMMUNITY NAME] this year—are you with us?

You can still sign up by visiting [LINK] and registering under [COMMUNITY NAME] (don’t forget to join our community!).

0 – Day of

Hey [NAME],

The day is finally here! The Online Qualifier begins today, and we’re so ready to see what this community can do. (We’re also pretty pumped for all the prizes we could win!) Don’t miss out—the entire gym is going to be talking about WODs and strategies for the next month, and you should be, too!

Here’s how to join in on all the fun: go to [LINK] and be sure to register under [COMMUNITY NAME]!


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Follow these 3 easy steps to get all of your questions answers:

  1. Check out our FAQ page if you have a question about athlete registration, creating a community, fees, scoring, video submission, or are simply wondering about the event
  2. Take a look through the 2017 Kill Cliff Granite Games Rule Book if you couldn’t find an answer in the FAQ.
  3. If you’ve checked out the FAQ and the Rule Book, but still have a question, shoot us a message. We’re happy to help!