The Granite Games is more than a competition; it is a global community that encourages all levels of athletes to achieve personal greatness.

For our team, the goal of the Granite Games is much more than putting on a world-class event. We view it as a chance to give back to our communities and strengthen their bond with fitness. Over the past 4 years, the Granite Games has given support to local and national non-profit organizations. Every year, we aim to support the growth of the fitness community both locally and nationally.

In 2013, we partnered with Rogue Fitness, providing equipment to communities to improve their members’ fitness experience.

In 2014, we  introduced a revenue sharing program that allowed gym owners, fitness brand owners and Community Leaders to reinvest profits back into their communities. Through this program, many gyms were able to improve their facilities, hire extra staff, and provide better quality service to their members.

In 2015, staying true to our brand, we expanded our Community Giveback Program further still to include Fitness Education Scholarships to help advance health and wellness education worldwide.

Most recently in 2016, a handful of gyms were outfitted with new Rogue equipment and one lucky community received $10,000 to revamp their facility.

In 2017 we look forward to helping even more communities reach their full potential.




CEO, The Granite Games