Affiliate Gathering

Saturday, September 8th

Join us Saturday, September 8th for a Gym Owners Meet Up that gives you direct access to leaders in the sport—including Jason Khalipa of NC FIT, Chris Thorndike of Liv Athletic, John Swanson of Fast Factory Fitness , Jarett Perelmutter of Brick and MDV of NC FIT.

The morning will kick of with coffee and 10-15 minute presentations by the subject matter experts. Afterwards, we will move to a round table format that allows for a group discussion with the SMEs.

Coffee and morning snacks provided.


8:30am – Welcome
8:45am – 9:30am – SME Presentations

  • Jason K: Welcome, industry, corporate wellness
  • Jarett P: License/Branding
  • John S: Marketing and Sales
  • MDV: Product on the floor/coaching
  • Chris T: Building your team

9:30am – 10:30am – Roundtables with SMEs

Each SME will host a round table. You will get to spend an allotted time slot at each table.


Jason Khalipa

CEO & Founder of NCFIT

Jason Khalipa is a San Jose, California native, CrossFit Games world champion, first-time author, and lifelong competitor. Jason married his high school sweetheart, Ashley, and the couple was blessed with two beautiful children, Ava and Kaden. Jason and Ashley are extremely passionate about fundraising and building awareness for children and the families of children battling cancer.

Jason is CEO and Founder of NCFIT, a global company aimed at making fitness effective, fun, and accessible. With thousands of participants worldwide, NCFIT is widely considered first in class in functional training by industry insiders. Jason is also one of the most accomplished athletes in CrossFit Games history. In 2008, Jason was crowned the Fittest Man on Earth. He has also earned top finishes including placements as the 5th, 16th, 7th, 5th, 2nd, and 3rd Fittest Man on Earth. Jason had the honor of representing Team USA three times in the worldwide CrossFit Invitational and earned Spirit of the Games honors in 2009. Jason attributes much of his success in life and competition to the love and support of his wife and children, as well as to the AMRAP Mentality.

Jason Khalipa

Matt DellaValle

Manager for NCFIT

MDV (Matt DellaValle) has been around the block in the fitness industry! Discovering CrossFit in 2006 and earning his Level 1 Certificate in 2008 -- he's been hustling ever since. A "reformed" a lawyer, MDV walked away from three piece suits and courtrooms to pursue a career dedicated to the pursuit of professional coaching. Today, MDV manages all of fitness and coaching worldwide for NCFIT. Across the past decade, MDV's journey has taken him a few different directions -- coaching for some of the best gyms in the business (CFNE, Reebok CrossFit ONE, CrossFit ONE Nation & NCFIT), leading seminars for CrossFit HQ around the world, joining the ownership team at CrossFit ONE Nation, managing the CrossFit partnership for Reebok HQ, and finally landing in his current role at NCFIT. He is passionate about fitness, coaching, and sharing his experience to help others along their journey.

Matt DellaValle

Chris Thorndike

President of Factory Forged

As President of Factory Forged, Chris is charged with helping professionals find solutions for their business problems and direction for their dreams. Our Factory Forged team is committed to evolving our learning platforms to offer personal and effective resources that will help our clients reach their goals. Chris believes in teaching others to succeed and Factory Forged will help others learn to achieve success faster.

Chris Thorndike

Jarett Perelmutter

Owner/Operator of BRICK

JP owns and operates BRICK. Established in Los Angeles in 2010, BRICK rapidly expanded to tier one cities such as New York, Chicago and Boston. Applying a replicable, scalable and proven business model, JP has grown the company to 7 commercial location throughout the U.S. and 2 international partnerships in less than six years.

JP got his start in membership-based business over 20 years ago after a decorated amateur and professional fight career. JP transferred his extensive athletic triumphs into teaching martial arts and soon thereafter opened his own schools. He quickly grew into one of the youngest multiple-school location owners in the U.S. Due to his great success in building strong communities and staff; he was sought after by some of the most esteemed Martial Arts academies. With a growing family of nieces and nephews Perelmutter was compelled to move back West. He sold his locations to the managers he had groomed and developed, who all still run successful operations to this day.

Upon returning to Los Angeles, JP dove into the sport of fitness, a training methodology he had dabbled in during previous fight training. Instantly he had a newfound love. Meanwhile his entrepreneurial spirit immediately saw an opportunity and hole in the market. Using his tested and proven membership based business model he founded BRICK.

JP has a passion for sharing his business savvy methods to inspire, motivate and guide people to a healthier and wealthier way of life. His worldwide training and business endeavors has allowed him to gather an arsenal of powerful knowledge, teaching tools, and talents, which he has utilized to create a dynamic environment for his team and the communities he’s built JP aspires to share his experience and knowledge with other affiliates and fitness business owners since he lives by the mantra “rising tides raise all boats”.

JP continues on his never ending quest of excellence while searching new opportunities to expand the BRICK landscape and provide great career growth for his professional team of which he considers family.

Onward and upward!

Jarett Perelmutter


Join us for 4 days of celebrating and embracing fit and active lifestyles.