The Individual Online Qualifier: Earned, Not Given.

Compete with Thousands of Athletes in One of the Largest Online Fitness Events in the World.

Test your fitness, score awesome prizes, and have the opportunity to qualify for the 2020 Granite Games Championship!

You not only get to compete with yourself, you'll also...


Register for the IOQ

Regardless of whether you want to compete as an Individual, on a Team of 4, or one of our Team of 3 divisions, everyone completes the IOQ as an individual.


Complete the workouts over 10 days anywhere in the world and submit your scores.


After the IOQ, if you do not qualify as an Individual (Pro or Age Group) you can create a Team of 4 or Team of 3. Teams will then be ranked based on their combined team score.

How it works

The Individual Online Qualifier is an online event taking place Over the course of 10 days.
Complete each workout in your own gym, then submit your score. It’s that simple! 

First Workout Released

Monday, March 23RD 2020

Second Set of Workouts

Thursday, March 26th 2020

All Score Submissions Due

Wednesday, April 1st, 2020 at 8pmCsT

About the workouts

Every workout will have 2 variations for you to choose from

Scaled or AsRx

Awesome at double unders, but still working on building a heavy snatch? No problem! You’re free to choose the level at which you’d like to complete each and every workout. Please note, AsRx scores will rank higher on the leaderboard than Scaled scores.

About the Leaderboard

Every participating athlete will appear on the global leaderboard. In addition, you’ll be listed on a separate leaderboard based on your age.

Any athlete between 18-34 years old will only be listed on the overall leaderboard. During registration athletes will be automatically added to the correct division based on date of birth. 
You’re free to chose the level at which you’ll complete the workout, but AsRx scores will rank above Scaled scores.
Be sure to complete every workout and enter all of your scores before the deadline! No late score submissions will be accepted.
You will need to have all scores submitted – putting in a 0 will be recognized as not completing the workout.

What Happens After?

Depending on where you end up on the leaderboard, you may qualify for the 2020 Granite Games Championship as an Individual.

If not, you’ll have the chance to create a Team of 4 or a Team of 3.

Championship Qualification Process

Workouts Released

March 23rd

Scores Due

Wednesday, April 1st

Video Submission Closes

Friday, April 3rd @ 8pm CST

Team of 4 & Trio Team Registration Closes

Monday, April 6th

1st Round Individuals Sent

Friday, April 10th

Open Registration Scaled & Intermediate Trio

Monday, April 21st at 8PM CST

Qualifier registration is LIVE!