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Your spot at the 2017 Kill Cliff Granite Games is Earned Not Given. Let your friends and family know you’re registered and ready to compete!

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Whitelist Our Important Emails

Please take the following simple action to make sure nothing slips through the cracks! If you are a Gmail user or you use any other web-based email that filters broadcasts away from your main inbox, be sure to “drag” any emails from [email protected] or [email protected] into your Priority Inbox. (Again, you don’t want to miss something.)

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official event page

Make sure to head over and follow these to pages for important updates and workout info.

Join –> 2017 Kill Cliff Granite Games Team of 3 Qualifier

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free gear & prizes

Love free gear? So do we! Make sure to follow us on our Granite Games Instagram and Granite Games Facebook pages for weekly giveaways and contests.

Seriously though, we are giving away some gifts from our partners and you don’t want to miss out.

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grab exclusive Granite Games gear